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Kaplan Stahler Agency

Shakira Hedgpeth 

Because it's always pilot season...

30 mins. Single cam. Dramedy. A talented ballerina floundering in her career is forced to reevaluate everything when her scientist boyfriend accidentally (?) shrinks her. WEIRD SCIENCE x CENTER STAGE. 


30 mins. Single cam. Dramedy. Two 

millennial besties suddenly find themselves in charge at their longtime employer, Katy Dolls when their bosses get caught in a sexual assault scandal. Tonally near GIRLS, BROAD CITY, SEARCH PARTY


30 mins. Adult animation. A disillusioned Black fairy accidentally saves an adult human from police brutality, and is tasked with saving Fairyland from corruption. INSECURE meets DISENCHANTMENT




BLACK GIRL MAGIC  In 1961 in Virginia, ALICE (15), African American, is sent to a hostile, all-white boarding school where a restless spirit disturbs the grounds while some of the girls dabble in the occult. A campy, southern gothic, teen drama where Alice soon realizes she has real powers of her own. She learns about her family history and abilities while unwillingly fighting for integration and being a literal “magical negro.”  EVE’S BAYOU meets THE CRAFT meets THE CHILLING ADVENTURES of SABRINA.

30 mins. Single cam. Comedy. The staff of an upscale, boutique hotel in West Hollywood copes with uniquely L.A. 

customer service woes. Tonally near ABBOTT ELEMENTARY, PARTY DOWN, I'M SORRY.


30 mins. Single cam. Stylized historical drama about a wealthy, young black woman balancing her ambitions with the unfortunate realities of racism, colorism and gender inequality in 1919 in Harlem. INSECURE x DOWNTON ABBEY. 


30 mins. Single cam. Dramedy. An undiagnosed (but definitely clinically depressed), disgraced pageant queen is forced to run her deceased mother's finishing school while facing demons from the past.


FLAWED PERSONALITIES After a childhood of constant relocation, Jillian is seriously screwed. Her relationship with her parents is shaky, she jumps into delusional trysts and she only has one person to talk to about it: her therapist, Chloe. Jillian envies Chloe’s perfect marriage and wishes she could keep her own insecurity at bay long enough to finish her book, and find an explanation for her father’s sudden amnesia. A prickly romantic dramedy, Chloe and Jillian help each other stop lying to themselves so they can return to their normal Manhattanite existences, though sometimes it’s unclear who’s the therapist and who’s the patient.

THE 99 PERCENT A recession will make you do crazy things. After PAUL is fired from his longtime job, his life immediately goes haywire. To cope with the sudden financial strain, the women in his life get desperately creative to save the family. His perky second wife, LACEY sneaks across town to work as a stripper, his oldest daughter, TONI agrees to become a surrogate for a Sarah Palin-hating senator’s wife to pay her tuition, and his youngest daughter, MEAGAN starts selling weed to raise money for her cheerleading uniform.

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