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Lydia Caradine is a writer, actress and artist, but in her mind she’s also a grown-up Anne of Green Gables… with slightly less anxiety. Lydia is originally from Cleveland, OH but moved around the country consistently throughout her childhood. Because she often had to start at new schools and was homeschooled for several years, like Anne, she often found solace in books. (You will not meet anyone with fonder feelings about afternoons spent reading in window seats.) Lydia’s love of reading eventually lead to a desire to create her own stories. Aside from her discovery of ballet at a young age, writing has been one of the most consistent forces in her life.


In a somewhat misguided attempt to address years of criticism that she wasn’t “black enough,” Lydia attended an HBCU and received a B.S. in Mass Communications and Broadcasting. She never learned how to play spades, but the experience did ignite her desire to tell stories about marginalized people who don’t conform to the expectations of their own communities or mainstream society. 


Lydia moved to Los Angeles shortly after college and worked in feature development, distribution, event planning and celebrity journalism. On the road to becoming a staff writer for a half-hour streaming comedy, she performed with Monkey Butler Improv, the Loft Ensemble Theatre, and came as close as she could to living out her dream of “going to the Fame school” when she studied acting at Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre. 


Ballet has remained a constant in her life and in very L.A. fashion, eventually lead to her becoming an aerial Lyra and pole instructor. The lives and struggles of performers are motifs that often surface in Lydia’s work. She’s also deeply committed to writing about women and people of color exuding excellence in atypical spaces, carving out new platforms for themselves, and living up to adjectives beyond “sassy.” Lydia usually writes in the dramedy/comedy space and has several TV pilots and feature samples in that area. She also loves and writes historical dramas, one of which scored an "8" on the Blacklist, was a quarterfinalist in the 2021 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Competition, secured her place in the 2021 Blacklist/WIF Episodic Lab, and was a finalist in the 2022 ATX Festival Pitch Competition.


When Lydia isn’t writing or trying to find her light in front of a camera, she’s often painting, crocheting, watching reruns of Gilmore Girls or Girlfriends, drinking ceremonial matcha, or being the obnoxious vegan who requests all of the substitutions at brunch. 

Hey, you!

Yeah, you!

Lydia is really into vocabulary.

BIG WORDS with Lyds vol.1



Actress. Writer. Painter. Occasional ballerina. Reader of books. Drinker of tea. Lover of words. Vegan. Francophile. Watcher of Gilmore Girls. Aerial instructor. One who hikes. Traveler. Crochetress. Dilettante? Renaissance woman? 

Take a gander at her acting resume here. 





She lives for the applause, applause, applause... watch below

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Starving in Lalaland

Many moons ago, Lydia wrote a series loosely based on an internship she had. She and her friends shot a trailer for it. Here for your amusement and her chagrin. watch below

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